Yea. Yesterday morning, I am about to take a shower when a girl and her boyfriend come stand outside the doorway to the bathroom.


Boy: Are you about to use the bathroom?

Me (holding up my towel and shower caddy): Yea, I’m about to take a shower… so…


There’s no “boys” and “girls” bathrooms here. Which seems rather obvious in hindsight, considering this is an all girl’s college… but I probably should have seen the whole “invites boyfriends over on Fridays” thing coming. I mean, I don’t invite mine over, mainly because I don’t have a boyfriend. But I probably should’ve foreseen other girls doing so.

They have a sign on the door instead. WOMEN is written on one side, while MAN IN THE CAN is written on the other. Which is a decent solution to this problem, but it’s awkward checking the sign and then skedaddling back to my dorm room when I have to pee.

In other news, I spent way too much on posters during a poster sale the other day. Now I have some poster choosing to do: which ones can go to my sister, which to my mother, and which I can keep.

Yea, one of them is of Starry Night. It's classy. It's easily recognizable. And I just love the swirls.

Yea, one of them is of Starry Night. It’s classy. It’s easily recognizable. And I just love the swirls.

Otherwise, I have to study.

  • Greek homework: accents on nouns/verbs (practice).
  • Early/Medieval Britain: chapter 2 of my textbook (dry as dust).
  • English: questions on Memorial (Oswald), “Blood Rites: the Religion of War” (Ehrenreich), and “War” (Bennett, Royle). Edit and print out copy of my essay on “The Loneliness of the Military Historian” (Atwood).
  • Introduction to Archaeology: read chapters 1 and 2 of a textbook I do not own yet.
  • Etc. etc. etc.

 It looks like a lot, but when it comes down to it, I can’t really study when the only textbook that showed up in the mail is the one for Early/Medieval Britain. Which is dry, and dense, and I’ll get around to reading it probably a few hours before class.

It’s Sunday, which is nice, although I have no clue if the Chapel here does Sunday Services or not. They mentioned bible study groups — a whole bunch of them — and shuttles to other churches, but nothing about when a Sunday Service might start here. They do have a Buddhist-Christian group on Wednesday, though, which I only know because there are signs up for it. I might go. Meditation, inclusion and respect for all types of people — I could roll with that.

Anyways, have a blessed day. Here’s one of my favorite worship songs on this lovely afternoon.


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