Fun Facts

Fun Fact: You can totally have male teachers at an all-girl’s college. Of my seven classes, three of them are taught by guys (all of them white guys, for whatever reason. But this is the South.) In fact, the college president is also a (white) guy.

Fun Fact: Our college president, who is not only white but old, looks quite a bit like Alex Trebek from Jeopardy. If I ever refer to him in a post on this blog again, that is how I will refer to him, because that is just how I privately refer to him: President Alex Trebek. 

Fun Fact: My Early/Medieval Britain teacher keeps cats in her office. Stray cats. Whom she names strange, wonderful names, like Ovid and William the Conqueror. 

Fun Fact: they serve pizza and fries at every meal time here. I haven’t been to breakfast (I don’t wake up early enough), but I am about 50% sure they serve it then, too.

Fun Fact: There are cave paintings from over 30,000 years ago located in France. And they are still better drawings than anything I could manage.

Fun Fact: getting through English class is next to impossible when you don’t yet have a copy of the book you’re supposed to be reading. Side effects include a headache, hand cramps from writing down everyone else’s perspectives on the book, and a sense of surprise when you manage to pull some intelligent opinion about it out of thin air.


Odin is not a stray. Nor is he with me at college. But he is adorable.

Odin is not a stray. Nor is he with me at college. But he is adorable.


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