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Founder’s Day

So, Founder’s Day was Friday. It seems a little strange to celebrate and mourn the college’s founder at the same time. The people here are incredibly aware of their history here — the story of the college’s founder, Indiana Fletcher … Continue reading

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On Habits (And Changing Them)

Guess what? I’m not dead. While I get settled into my new routine at college, I will be a bit patchy in my blogging habits. This is a fact of life. But if you really wanted to know, there are … Continue reading

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Rock Climbing

So, yesterday I went rock climbing. As we drive into the city, I take note of it. I’ve only been into (any) city a couple of times; where I’m from, it’s mostly suburban residences and the occasional Wal-mart and Food … Continue reading

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So,  Yea. Yesterday morning, I am about to take a shower when a girl and her boyfriend come stand outside the doorway to the bathroom.   Boy: Are you about to use the bathroom? Me (holding up my towel and … Continue reading

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Fun Facts

Fun Fact: You can totally have male teachers at an all-girl’s college. Of my seven classes, three of them are taught by guys (all of them white guys, for whatever reason. But this is the South.) In fact, the college … Continue reading

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