What I Wish I Had Thought to Bring With Me to College

  1. Forks and spoons. (Luckily, a nice young woman down the hall gave me a few plastic forks and spoons so I may eat my rice, peanut butter, and cereal without having to use measuring spoons.)
  2. Extra towels. (I have only two, and a lack of will to do laundry.)
  3. Pots, pans, a colander, and cookie sheets. (How else can I cook my pasta, when the dorm kitchen is so bare?)
  4. More juice. (Oh, how I love mango juice. I ran out is just a couple days.)
  5. Money. (From a job which I did not get over the summer. I really wish I had tried to find a job and money over the summer.)
  6. A driver’s license. (Which I also do not have, because my parents need to reminded every day, and I do not particularly like driving enough to beg for it every day. But it would still be very useful to have.)
  7. More books. (I actually barely have enough room as it is for the books I did bring with me. But I still regret not bringing a whole library with me.)
  8. More food. (I don’t like leaving my dorm room, okay?)


James ch1 v2-3 

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