This is the obligatory first post. You have to start somewhere, right? 

So, let me begin with my name. Or a name. Call me Jess. Jabberwocky Jess. I am a college freshman, a first-year, a girl way out of her depth. I go to an all women’s college. This is about all you will get out of me in that regard.

So, why am I starting a blog if I am uncomfortable with even giving out my name or what college I’m going to? Partly, because I want a record — an online record of my emotions, pictures, intelligence, as I grow into a rose away from home. There is something mildly exciting and intimidating in the decision to go to college. There is no hiding in my bedroom, no excuse for not studying or being social or leaving the dorm room. 

(This is not to say that I’m not trying. I plan on holing up for weekend in my dorm room, studying or reading a book. But I have to come outside to breathe fresh air eventually, mainly because my classes – sadly – do not take place in the same building.)

The other reason I start this blog is as a test. It is a test to my reliability as a narrator and my faith in myself, to maintain a weekly schedule that I set myself to, rather than a college professor who requires my attendance. If I can maintain a blog, I can maintain a study schedule, a writing schedule, or a work schedule, because I can keep myself to my own self-imposed deadlines.

Hold up. A writing schedule, did I say? Yes. I not only pay through the nose to study textbooks and sit in my dorm room all day, I also write books for fun. I haven’t published anything yet, but a writer is a writer, no matter how small. 

I shall get around to posting this information about myself in a nice little box on the side of my blog there, but for now — this being the only post you can read — you may glean my personality from my posts. 

Have a blessed day.


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